Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ricardo Lemvo, Pottery Barn, NYC 12/4/00

Ricardo Lemvo, Angola born of Congolese parentage fell in love with the Son sound of proponents such as Pacheco. This led him to form his own band here in the USA where he had come to study. Called La Makina Loca, the band has recorded 5 CDs over the last ten years and tours regularly all over the world. These videos were shot by Alfie Alvarado.

Ricardo Lemvo 12/04/00

Saturday, April 18, 2009

From the Archives of Alfie Alvarado....

It was one of those beautiful days in NY, June 23, 2000. Los Jovenes Del Barrio were in the house and Alfie was there to capture their performance. Los Jovenes burst onto the scene with their great new "contemporary Charanga" sound and took NY by storm. Here we have them playing several numbers for your listening pleasure.

Jovenes Del Barrio, Bryant Park NYC, 6/23/00

Jovenes Del Barrio, Bryant Park NYC, 6/23/00

Jovenes Del Barrio, Bryant Park NYC, 6/23/00

Jovenes Del Barrio...Bryant Park NYC 6/23/00

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Glimpse Into A Glorious Past......

Ever since I became involved in this music, I have been regaled by the old timers with tales of the one and only Palladium Ballroom. The Palladium was the undisputed palace of Latin Music in it's heyday. This photo shows the Charlie Palmieri Charanga Duboney in a publicity shot. What is even rarer is the fact that each member of the band is named.

The Roots Of Latin Jazz....

Check this photo out...does it get any better. Candido, Dizzy and Charlie gracing the same stage. What I wouldn't give for a time machine!

Pure Swing......

I was turned on to Cortijo and Ismaelo by good friend and teacher Chano Rodriguez. Playing in the shadows of a Jim Crow world, Cortijo Y Su Combo challenged the color line in Puerto Rico with talent that could not be denied.

A Latin Music Summit.....

This rare photo depicts the Giants who shaped the music we have come to love. Can you name them all?