Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Orquesta Gardel

(Orquesta Gardel, Video Credit: Sylvia Pfeiffenberger)

I am really not a timba fan at all, truth be told. Maybe I'm just not ready for it, but I must say the treatment that Gardel is giving on the above tune is nice and juicy. Out of all the bands in the NC area (and there isn't much), Orquesta Gardel is the standout in terms of energy, precision, and dedication. These guys practice tirelessly, and travel extensively in efforts to bring the people some real quality funk .

As far as the personnel:

Lead Voz: Nelson Delgado
Segunda Voz/Coro/Maracas: Jaime Roman
Keys: Eric Hirsch
Bass: Peter Kimosh
Timbs: Brevan Hampden
Tumbadoras: Jose Sanchez
Bongo y Campana: Ramon Ortiz
Trumpet: Alberto Carrasquillo
Trumpet: Al Strong
Sax, Flute: Tim Smith, Wayne Leechford
Trombone: Andy Kleindienst

(Sylvia at Onda Carolina put out the video first, and you can see it in it's original post here)