Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cuban Roots Re-Visited

This is our second edition of Mark Weinstein's Cuban Roots. Ben Lapidus is on guitar, Mike Rodriguez and Felix Sanabria handle the percussion. Harvito Schwartz is on bass and of course Mark on flute playing a canto to Elegua, he who opens and closes all doors and is first and last to be honored. The performance took place at the Taller Latino Americano on 4/27/01.


mark weinstein, jazz flutist said...

Wow! Thank you. I had no idea this existed. I am in incredible company. Thank you for putting my music up with so many other great musicians.


Mark Weinstein, Jazz Flutist 

Sentimiento Manana said...

Thanks for checking out the site Mark, hopefully there will be more. Willie "El Ruso" put it out there fyi....