Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back with a BANG @ Birdland

On August 27th 2003, some of NYs finest talent came together to celebrate the 80th birthday of the legendary Graciela. I kept the introductions in because each one of these performers deserves to have their names mentioned aloud and not just written. After an Arturo O'Farrill solo of his father's beautiful "Puro Emotion" the band swings into action. Despite a rough beginning (this was a vente tu jam in Graciela's rehearsals) the soloing on the classic Mambo Inn that ensued was worth the price of a ticket. One of the great things was that the stage was graced with some young lions and "La Vieja Guardia" like Mike Collazo on timbales. Check out the percussion discussion where the band trades fours. Mike Collazo is playing those serious "Manteca Gorda" licks as my boy Max Garduno would call them.

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