Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ray Santos' Caribbean Experience @ Wagner Park

There is no sound in the world like a full Latin orchestra. Economic realities have all but relegated them to the past. Bobby Sanabria and Arturo O'Farrill struggle to keep the genre alive. Kudos to them for their efforts. Here however, I managed to capture the wonderful Ray Santos Orchestra paying tribute to Mario Bauza of Machito fame. Wagner Park, located at the very tip of Southern Manhattan was and continues to be one of the great locations for outdoor concerts in NYC. Chocolate Armenteros is the guest trumpet player on the gig. The performance took place on 8/4/98. The name of this particular tune is "Browsin' with Bauza" (info courtesy of Willie Martinez). Of particular distinction is the flautist, Joaquin Olivel from Cuba.


Anonymous said...

The flautist is Jay Rodriguez

Sentimiento Manana said...

thank you "anonymous" whoever you are for providing this valuable information.

much appreciated